Sports at Summertime

Sports and culture will be important parts of the societal transformation we are in now. The move-in that will take place in the next few years is of an extraordinary kind and this means major challenges in several areas where, among other things, sports and culture will play an important role.

The cultural offer and the cultural associations are important in order to partly offer culture but also to give the opportunity for those who have an interest in culture to find their association where they can give vent to their creativity. The same applies to sports and its associations - to be prepared to be able to offer more people to both practice and watch sports.

The sport? A natural place at Summertime

In the premiere year of 2022, the festival was organized for the first time, and in order to broaden the offer at the festival, we then gave sports a natural place at the Summertime Music & Life Festival. A feature much appreciated by the visitors. This year, we're switching up the sports element considerably!

Among other things, Skellefteå FF is doing its floorball tournament in connection with the festival, Skellefteå AIK Hockey, the women's and men's teams will challenge Skellefteå Parasport in a pentathlon.

Here you can also try different sports - from cricket to basketball.

Participating actors:

Skelleftea? AIK Hockey, Women's and Men's, Bergsbyn's SK-Discgolf, Friskis activity, Korpen activity, Sunnana? SK/Tuss, YMCA Basketball, Skelleftea? Parasport association, Skelleftea? FF Indoor Bandy Tournament, Cricket, Va?sterbottens Football Association - Ga?football, 3x3 tournament children/youth, Skelleftea? AIK Athletics.

Culture takes place at the Summertime Music & Life Festival

We are now continuing to develop the festival so that the offer will attract even more people and that we include yet another important area in the social transformation that Skellefteå is now in, so this year we make room for culture in the festival area.

Sara Kulturhus will be here with, among other things, Unga Sara, the Bokbussen, the Reading League. The bellows will entertain, there will be Stand Up, and you will also encounter art presented by Galleri 1.

Participating actors:

Sara Kulturhus med Unga Sara, Gallery 1, Hubben, Sensus, Bälgadraget, Standup, Bokbussen, Läsligan, Skellefteå Art Association. More to come.

Culture and the Leisure Bank on site.

During the festival, Kultur and Fritidsbanken will be on site. Here you get the opportunity to borrow equipment to try different sports activities. They also have a culture bank for lending instruments.

Thomas ?Linge? Lindgren ? Project manager Culture & Sports
Gunnar Karlsson ? Project Manager, Promoter

Through the event, Summertime Music & Life Festival wants to be part of the societal transformation that is taking place here right now and to send visitors a positive experience of the event and Skellefteå.

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