Friday, August 5

Somewhere north of the Arctic Circle lives the masked fiddler team Hooja, who debuted in 2021 with "Donkey Kong".

HOOJA to Skellefteå Summertime

During the same year, further singles were released and "Levererar" was noticed by P4 Norrbotten among others: "'Levererar' is like a handbook to becoming a stable Norlander, about the knowledge to back up with a trailer or to chop wood with one hand, about own experiences and things that you've been told," says Hooja to P4.

After an interview in TV4's "Efter Fem", it took off in social media and the word about Hooja spread in the village and just a few days after the interview, four songs were at the top of Spotify's list of the most viral songs in Sweden.

In the same vein, Hooja announces that more tunes are on the way. The sound has been described as "forest disco", and with a unique expression and a pinch of salt, they drive themselves over troll-friendly melodies and with lyrics about life in the north.

So say hello to Hooja's first gig in SKELLEFTEÅ!


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