Friday 30 June

The company follows up the wildly acclaimed summer tour in 2022 with a few gigs in 2023! Since the start in 2019, the Company has positioned itself as one of Sweden's most popular music groups - both on Spotify and on stage.

The career started at a pre-party in a bachelor's shelter in Falun. Three years and over 100 million streams later, they are an obvious act on the Swedish stages.

During the summer of 2022, they got their first chart hit with the single "Kan Inte Gå". During the same period, the company also makes its biggest tour ever, with gigs all over the country. With hits such as "Dum", "Fingarrna i halsen", "Nykter" and "Fem komma twoan", the group fills dance floors to the breaking point and continues to set audience records around the country.

Don't miss one of their few gigs in 2023 in Skellefteå!

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