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Teddy bear and Lova

Friday 30 June – Free entry

After last year's success, we couldn't say no to Bamse and Lovas and the children's wish that they would come to Skellefteå again.

It's no secret that BAMSE and the Witch's daughter Lova like singing and dancing and they want everyone to join in! Together with the audience, we are treated to well-known children's songs and movements for the whole body. It will be impossible to sit still! For about 20 minutes, classics such as 'Head, shoulders, knees and toe', 'Krokodilen' and 'Imse vimse spindel' as well as lots of well-known children's songs are offered.

The performance is suitable for the whole family, but is mainly aimed at children between 2-7 years of age. After the performance there is a meet and greet, where you will have the opportunity to meet BAMSE and Lova, so don't miss this!

Sports at Summertime

Sports and culture will be important parts of the societal transformation we are in now. The move-in that will take place in the next few years is of an extraordinary kind and this means major challenges in several areas where, among other things, sports and culture will play an important role.

The cultural offer and the cultural associations are important in order to partly offer culture but also to give the opportunity for those who have an interest in culture to find their association where they can give vent to their creativity. The same applies to sports and its associations - to be prepared to be able to offer more people to both practice and watch sports.

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The little stars

Are you 0-13 years old (so not 14 years old) and want to mime or sing live to a song in the small stars during Summertime?

Now we want your expression of interest. There are a total of 15 places for this year's small star competition, this year we will draw lots for the 15 places among all those registered. Those who entered the competition will receive an email about this around June 8 when we have made the draw.

All those who did not make it among these 15 are drawn into a reserve list and in case of dropouts, you enter in turn order from this list.

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Magic Pepe's Mini Circus

Magic Peppe's Mini Circus a magical amusement park for all ages!

Magic Peppe's Mini Circus comes to Skellefteå Summertime on Friday 30 June and Saturday 1 July with magical experiences for the whole family. We create our own little fairground world with clear inspiration from the 1920s with several attractions and games suitable for all ages.

Our fairground attractions include 100 holes, Big Striker, Pachinko Game, and many more. Magic Peppe is of course there to guide your guests. Some of the games are over a hundred years old while other games are built in the old style.

Currently, there are about 20 different games that are varied according to what suits each event.

Axel's Tivoli

Axels Tivoli, the largest ambulatory funfair in the Nordics, offers exciting experiences every year and has the most rides in all of Sweden.

No entertainment event is too big or too small for them to participate in. Axel's funfair has a large range of modern entertainment equipment. They offer everything from children's carousels to large and fast rides. All for an exciting experience!

Opening hours:

Thursday 11.00-01.00
Friday and Saturday 11.00-02.00
Sunday 11.00-16.00.

The attractions that are inside the pay area close at 18.00-19.00 Friday and Saturday. The attractions located in the Eddahall parking lot have free entry throughout Summertime.

Sports at the Summertime Music & Life Festival

In recent months, the festival has released a large number of artists, and the organizers are already presenting in the first year the strongest festival roster that has previously stood in Skellefteå. Now it is high time to present the second part of the festival.

In addition to living and working in Skellefteå, it is important that you have meaningful free time, and there sports and culture play a big role in the future of Skellefteå. For that reason, in addition to music, sports will play a big role at Skellefteå's new festival Summertime Music & Life Festival.

Here we will highlight in different themed days, the breadth of our sports offering, everything from elite, children / youth to the elderly and those with a variety of functions. An element aimed at the general public of well-being will also be included in a collaboration between Intersport and Friskis & Svettis. All of this takes place in the cradle of sports at Norrvalla sports ground, so there is no more appropriate place to present sports.

Skellefteå AIK Ladies

Thursday 4 August

A day where we focus on our fine elite association's women's activities. Presentation of players, interviews and activities together with players from our Women's team. Intersport tent souvenirs and signing AIK Dam.

Para sports / Sports for the elderly

Friday, August 5

Parasport has suffered the most during the pandemic, where many have underlying illnesses that have meant that a large number have been isolated from sporting activities. Within the sports movement, we work and promote lifelong sports, where the elderly can have a richer life through adapted sports activities.


• 10.00 Morronympa with Intersport / Friskis & Svettis.
? Times to be announced - Activities until 15.

Youth Day

Saturday 6 August

Here we focus on children and youth sports by offering to try different sports, on our activity field where some of our associations show off what they have to offer. During the day, we will also have some sports profiles who try out and compete together with the Youth. Jimmie Ericsson / Madde Edlund. Football, Floorball, Basketball, Disc golf. Tuss Intersport tent-Souvenirs, Signing AIK players.

Our big sporting event

Saturday 6 August

We fill the artificial grass field with children and young people from all our associations who, in their association clothes, offer a real manifestation of sports.


• 10.00 Morronympa with Intersport / Friskis & Svettis.
? 13:00? Interview Madeleine Edlund and Jimmie Ericsson.
? 14:00 ? Sean Banan
? Show Dance & ballet
? Candy rain signed ICA Kvantum.

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