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Småstjärnorna at Skellefteå Summertime

Are you 0-13 years old (so not 14 years old) and want to mime or sing live to a song in Småstjärnorna during Summertime?

Registration for this year's Småstjärnorna is now CLOSED!

There are a total of 15 places for this year's small star competition, this year we will draw lots for the 15 places among all those registered. Those who entered the competition will receive an email about this around June 8 when we have made the draw.

All those who did not make it among these 15 are drawn into a reserve list and in case of dropouts, you enter in turn order from this list.

Read more and sign up


Enter the names of the contestants, age and whether you will mime or sing live, which song you will perform and last but not least your email address and mobile number in the message. (NOTE! Make sure the email address you enter is correct).

Registration deadline: FULL

Selection for Småstjärnorna takes place at:
Friday, June 30 at 11.00 – approx. 12.15 on the Homescene

The final of Småstjärnorna takes place on:
Saturday, July 1 at 13.00 – approx. 13.45 at Homescenen

** Award ceremony takes place at the Homescene on Saturday 1 July approx. at 3 p.m. When you have registered here on the website, you will receive an email back that shows that you are in the lottery for the 2023 small stars. You will then also receive some information about the competition.

Applications closed until further notice