The stage to Skellefteå Summertime

The stage

Friday, August 5

Estraden consists of three independent songwriters, producers and artists; Carl Silvergran, Felix Flygare Floderer and Louise Lennartsson.

The trio grew together in various studios around Sweden and formed the group Estraden. Their music is characterized by a strong ID with clear hooks where modern pop meets earthy fragility. In 2018, the first single Mer För Varandra was released together with Norlie & KKV and after that the stage has delivered hit after hit together with, among others, Jireel, Molly Sandén and Victor Leksell.

Estraden's successes have been rewarded with the nominations "Group of the Year" at the P3 Golden Gala and "Breakthrough of the Year" at the Music Publishers' Prize. During 2019, the show toured the country and the kingdom with stops at, among others, Gröna Lund's big stage and has also been a band for both Veronica Maggio and Miriam Bryant.

Now they are current with the Grammy-nominated debut album "Mellan Hägg & Syrén". So say hello to Estraden's first gig in SKELLEFTEÅ!

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