Kick-off for Summertime Music & Life Festival 2023


Friday 30 June

They come from Västerbotten and make dance punk in Norrländska. In 2003 (!) they inadvertently managed to make a big hit song that "went viral" before the word even existed.

Then they hid in the shadows for 15 years…. In 2019, there were once again tomb cans in the garbage and burnt rubber on the asphalt. With songs like "Norrland", "Everyone wants to be a celebrity" and "UMEÅ" the "come-back" is now a fact. In July 2022, the premiere gig was held in front of a boiling Trillen in Åsele. 3,500 souls screamed for more and had their teeth bloody. By popular demand, Norrland's most beautiful hillbilly house band is now ready to take over the stages in the country. South of Hallandsåsen, Stureplan or the local pub in Pajala, everyone should join. With 160,000 + monthly listeners and over 18 million streams on Spotify, they are soon real celebrities.

Welcome to Skellefteå Summertime 2023....JUMP START!

Music videos with Rivstart